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Things to Know Before you Visit Sandhan Valley

Sandhan valley: It is Asia’s second largest valley

Known as Maharashtra Grand Canyon valley of shadow and valley of suspense. It is situated in ‘Sahayadri’ Mountain range, Sandhan valley  is located in Ahemadnagar District  state of Maharashtra in the ‘Akole’ Taluka  ‘Samrad’ village.

How to reach from Aurangabad: (257 km) via Pune-Ahemadnagar Highway. It will take more than 6 hrs to reach the destination.

Mumbai to Sandhan Valley: (182 km) via SH 44.

Pune to Sandhan: (194 km) via NH 60.


public transport available near Shendi village and Bhandardara it is frequent service to reach samrad.

By train: Nashik Road railway station is nearest station to reach here.

Where to stay in Sandhan:

SAMRAD is the base village nearby sandhan valley you can stay here with the help of a local guide, so before you visit Sandhan book your camping accommodation, dinner, lunch, and breakfast package. The charges for per person its around (1200) 200 R.s for lunch & dinner, 50 R.s for breakfast and 300 R.s for rappelling and for camping (tent) 400 R.s.

During monsoon time the proper monsoon friendly lodge is available.

If you don’t want to pay for tent than you can also carry your personal tent and stay as per your choice.

On the way of Sandhan there is MTDC accommodation option is also available but we choose lakeside camping and it was an amazing experience for us. You also do the same if possible.

sandhan valley camping

Things to know before you visit to Sandhan Valley:

if you visit Sandhan valley please be Aware of these things because if you forget anything there is no availability of single thing.

  • What to carry with you: water bottle at least carry 2-liter water along with you.
  • Carry Energy drink like glucose or energy powder.
  • Carry some snacks: like biscuits, chips, Chikki, Cadbury because if you have any problem related to health so this food help to maintain your energy level so you must carry this snacks along with you.
  • Carry one extra pair of clothes during the trek with towel, napkin and paper soap.
  • If you visit: During winter so wears warm clothes or carry a blanket with you.
  • Phone connectivity: only BSNL SIM service work there.
  • Parking: Available in Samrad village.
  • Carry power bank with you because in that village no guaranty of electricity so carry power bank and battery torch along with you.
  • Carry one: Extra sandal with you because in the valley the waterfalls and river so if you carry sandal with you so you could save your shoes.
  • Carry first aid kit: Its (mandatory) because in the adventure you could not recognize what happens when you do adventure activity so please carry the first aid kit.
  • Carry medicine with you like fever and dehydration problem medicine.
  • Wear Proper professional trekking shoe sunglasses.
  • Don’t: Put the bag anywhere because you don’t know which animal makes your bag home.
  • Be aware: About snakes and reptiles because in the valley you could see the different types of snakes and reptiles so aware of these things.
  • Never miss to swimming of valley water and drunk to ‘Pazar’ water it is a natural source of water and water was very cold its reduce your traveling and trekking exertion.
  • Special advice: Doesn’t harm to nature, don’t harm to creatures and don’t throw garbage anywhere don’t take selfies at some risky point.
sandhan valley view point

What to eat at Sandhan

if you plan to take a local guide they provide delicious food including ‘Gavran’ chicken and rice Chapatti, Bhakri and some Ranmeva. The food taste is too unique and delicious you must experience the Samrad food.

What to do: must experience rappelling in valley bonfire camping, crawling and hanging camping and fully descend trek or half descend trek in the valley but here we were able to do half descend trek because of limited time.

The rappelling height is more than 350 feet’s and you must add in your bucket list or to do list things do before you die.

Best time to visit:

Winter to march it is the best time to visit ‘Sandhan’ valley or if you want to experience the monsoon view so it is the heaven during monsoon period but the valley is closed due to heavy rain in monsoon time.

sandhan valley sun rise

Local guide information:

If you plan to visit Sandhan valley you must take a local guide because they have proper knowledge about this place and nearby places and their food was too amazing and their service experience is very good. I especially recommend you to hire the local guide service and it will add more value in your adventure with Adventure Squad guide. Local guide Nivruti Mutthay mob no:8888817886

Nearby places:

Nearby too many attractions to visit or experience like ‘Bhadar Dara Dam’ ‘Randa Fall’ Alang, Malang, Kulang, (AMK) Ratan Gad Fort, Ghatghar Kokan Kada Viewpoint, Kalsubai it is the Maharashtra highest peak (5400 fit height) these are some beautiful places nearby close distance of snadhan valley try to visit these places during winter time. it requires more than two days to see these places.

AMK: Alang, Madan and Kulang it is an extreme level trekking point nearby ‘Samrad’ village the difficulty level is high.If you are a professional trekker so it is a perfect place for you.

Ghatghar Kokan Kada: it is on the route of sandhan valley trek known by kokan kada view point.speciality of this valley is that here you can experience reverse waterfall during monsoon time. Don’t miss to see the view of Sahayadri Mountain range.

RatanGad: it is very nearby from smarad village. You can do a trek and then after a visit to sandhan valley it is popular for his straight structure of pillar you can see in the picture of this mountain structure.

ratan gad sandhan valley

Kalsubai: it is the highest peak of Maharashtra the height is 1646 meters approx 5400 feet it is one of the most heightened peaks of Maharashtra the structure of this Shikhar is like hindu temple kalash type you can here do a trek and night camping also, from Samrad village to kalsubai distance is only 30 km.

Bhandar Dara Dam and Randha Fall: from bhandardar to sandhan distance is only 23 km bhadardara it is the Dam you can here do a boating and dam side camping experience. during monsoon time here you can attend the fireflies festival fireflies means in local language called Kajwa and Jugnoo festival and in this dam have one amazing waterfall it is most amazing waterfall called Randa fall best time to visit monsoon to winter.


Samrad village:

More than 500 people village located in Ahemadnagar District. The village is very clean and in good condition. Here are too many huts the huts are in a well conditioned. The specialty of the hutes is all are decorated by cow dunk, kavlaroo, wooden decoration, and paintings. the villagers are live the Maharashtrian Adivasi Jamat the standard of living is very simple. their food is too awesome. if you never experience the CHUL MEAL Like BHAKRI, RICE CHAPATI and NONVEG (gavran chicken) it is too awesome you must experience here. Farming is the Primary source of income of the villagers because of the heavy rain in sahayadri ranges but nowadays tourism is the second income source of these villagers because of the social media. Too many tourist increases day by day and visits to this amazing village. Many travelers and adventure lovers they preferred to visit this village and nearby places, the behavior of the villagers is very polite and simple.


Lakeside Camping and Bonfire Camping: If you haven’t experienced the bonfire camping, so this is the place you can experience. From smarad village 2 km there is one lake and there we spent the night with our squad for camping we had fun games, music, masti, and dance. It was a great time with adventure squad.

sandhan valley pit viper
sandhan valley
sandhan valley

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And special thanks to my friend who support me to content review and creation Thank you Sheeba.



Vardhan Ingle · April 9, 2019 at 1:20 pm

We enjoyed a lot after shimla, this was my most adventerous trek. I enjoyed the most purest vibes i ever felt. The above mentioned things are exactly what we experienced. Good to see such a amazing content ❣ aditya bhayy roxx ..

    aditya · April 11, 2019 at 1:02 pm

    Thank you curiouz traveler Vardhan.

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Extremely Amazing Information About Sandhan Valley… Really Helpful for everyone

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        aditya · May 10, 2019 at 12:07 pm

        Thank you so much.

Sayyad Ajaz · April 12, 2019 at 10:41 am

It looks great while only seeing I would like to travel and once visit the sandhan valley and I am sure it will done as soon as possible. Thank You!

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