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Guide to Devgiri fort everything you need to know about Devgiri(Daultabad) fort

devgiri fort every thing you need to know

History of Devgiri Fort as per (ASI Department)

Historical status: It has a very vast history because of too many kings came and tried to capture this castle-like ‘Khilji’ ‘Tughlaqs’ ‘Bahmanis’ and ‘Mughals’Nizam. This castle has seen the rise and falls of many dynasties but it still stands on its own charm.

Yadavas: It was founded by the yadavas during their period time. Devgiri ancient name of Daulatabad during the 11th century under the power of Bhillama, Jaitrapala and Singhana they gifted to rulers under their guidance.

Alauddin Khilji: marched against this throne defeated to Ramchandradeva and his son Shankardeva successively 1296. Malik Kafur placed Harpaldevaon the throne and later declared his independence. Qutubuddin Mubarak sha Khilji made a successful march against the throne and annexed the same to the Delhi Sultanate.

Muhammad bin Tughluq who succeeded the Khilijis at Delhi renamed Devgiri as Daultabad and shifted the capital from Delhi to Daulatabad AD. 1328.

This was the time when he made capital to Daulatabad but due to various reasons like draught and some problems he retransferred his capital to Delhi.

Nizam of Ahmednagar captured and made his capital in AD. 1607. After this drama the Mughal under Shah Jahan in AD 1633 the Daulatabad was finally captured by the Mughal, Shah Jahan, and Aurangzeb.

devgiri fort temple


  • Carry a water bottle and food with you.
  • Beware of monkey thieves. there are too many monkeys and they snatch tourist food bags. If possible, take a separate food bag for monkeys and feed them.
  • Carry a torchlight along with you to see the dark passage.
  • Take care of Bats inside the subterranean passage wear the mask.
  • Don’t throw garbage inside the monuments, please use Dustbins.
  • Open all days of the week.
  • Time 6:00 AM TO 6:00 PM.
  • If you plan to visit this fort reach here early morning. It requires 2 to 4 hours. after that, you can visit ELLORA caves (UNESCO) it is the very close distance from fort only 14 (km)
  • Must eat here Guava it is the famous fruit of Daulatabad.
  • Ticket price: 30 Rs for Indian and 300 Rs for foreigner and extra charges for a professional camera.
  • Transportations availability: Many private and public transports are available here and from Aurangabad station, bus stand or central Naka. (Taxi, rickshaw, Bus)
  • Best season to visit: During monsoon and winter.
  • Toilet availability: yes insight and outsight the fort.
  • Parking availability: yes available for four-wheelers and two-wheelers.
  • Major facilities are available.

    Nearby places Daulatabad fort:

    • Amazing VIEWPOINT at Daulatabad Ghat it is a very close distance from the fort.
    • UNESCO site ELLORA CAVES and Grishneshawar 12th jyotirlinga it is only 14 km from Devgiri killa.
    • Aurangzeb Tomb and Banibegum Garden of Khultabad.
    • Bhardra Maruti temple khultabad it is a very popular temple of Hanumanji.
    • Mahismal Hill station (must visit during monsoon)


In the year of 2013, MTDC declared Daulatabad Fort as the 7th wonder of Maharashtra.

Why is it unbeatable? Because of its defense mechanism and built style, it has a very unique architecture. It is a very powerful fort of Maharashtra Aurangabad. It is only (16 km) away from Aurangabad. On the way to Ellora from Aurangabad.

It has too many things to see not only from inside but also outside fort area like Bharat Mata Temple, ChiniMahal, Hatthi Haouse (Tank), Chand Minar, Baradari, Andheri Bhoolbhulaiya, Rock cut, Amberkot, Moat, Museum, Mendha canon, Samadhi Temple and many more. It takes around half a day to explore the complete monuments.

We started our journey at sharp 7:30 morning from my home and reach there in less than only 20 minutes. It was Sunday, actually the day was very hot we parked our bike and started exploring one of my favorite forts.

We enter the fort by taking tickets from the entrance gate it is attached ‘Mahakot’ fortification walls.

devgiri fort front gate

You will see the too many canons in front of main gate passage. These canons are from European, Chinese and Arab style it is put on front gate open space of entrance passage. some canons were discovered by Chinese and some European manufacturing techniques. The canon is made by using a material of iron and bronze. The canon range is from1 km to 4 km. The cannons were in good condition.

bharat mata temple devgiri fort

Bharat Mata Temple

Hathi Hauz: before visit Bharat Mata Temple we saw the huge water tank it is known as Hathi Hauz. It is more than 100 feet square water tank equivalent to a size of Elephant.

It is the best water supply management to supply the water to villagers and save the water for defense or attack in the wet moat surrounding the main citadel. After we step up to the Mother India Temple which is also called Bharat Mata Temple. It is dedicated to the mother of India than we saw the devotee statue in green ‘Saree’ it stands on its own charm. Inside the temple, there were many ancient pillars we saw and it is a perfect place to capture the photos.

chand minar

CHAND MINAR: While taking an exit from the temple, in the front gate we saw the Chand Minar. A circular of the tower stands in front of the passage of throne and it can be seen from all over the village, more than 200 feet build by ‘Alauddin’ and ‘Bahmini’ it is the part of defense mechanism to watch our enemies from that Minar.

kalkot gate daulatabad fort

Kalkot gate

KALAKOT GATE: It is attached to the third inner wall called Kalakot Gate (DEATH GATE) built in three doorways and two BURUJ in the front area and also have one window it is the exact left side of front door used for protection and to attack the enemy from the front of gate & window.

In the court higher up, there are the ruins of a palace CHINI MAHEL because of their decoration and tiles architecture it’s called Chini Mahel.

mendha canon and mendha toff

Mendha Canon

MENDHA CANNON: Known for their attacking style it is calledRAME’S HEAD CANNON itis excellent cannon I just fell in love with it, when I saw this amazing cannon which is located near to SHAHI MAHEL, Built withPANCHDHATU material. the canon has the power to break any fort in one shot. The cannon was charged through its mouth and fire was opened by igniting the nozzle point.

According to the inscriptions its real name is KILA SHIKAN TOPE.

moat and defence bridge daultabad fort

moat and bridge

MOAT and DEFENCE BRIDGE: We came to more than 50 feet deep rock cut wet moat. It is strength/base on this fort as you can see in the picture, the only way to enter the main fort. These bridges were used at that time for transportation and moat for defense. We could see the water on a ground level, during that time it used to be surrounded by crocodiles. During war time if an enemy tries to enter in the main area, they close the bridge and protect the throne by using the moat leather bridge and discharged water on that moat.

The rock-cut wet moat around the citadel cover 360 areas it is a strength of this fort  I love and I learned how they used to protect their throne from enemy’s. It is the best example of how to make perfect war strategy and defense strategy.

Now we could see the alternate iron bridge built by the government.

dark passage devigiri fort

Dark Passage Entrance Gate

Passing through Iron Bridge we enter Subterranean passage: BHOOLBHULAIYA it is the dark passage we realize here the importance of this dark passage. In the front area, there were three window cabins that they used to watch the enemy’s moments on it.

Because of this dark passage trap, no one can beat this fort. It is the strength of the whole fort and you must take the experience of this dark passage, Inside theAndheri we saw too many ways and traps. During that time, they used this passage for prison.

The art of excavation of dark passages in ancient technique not only for the defense but also for the escape from the enemy’s eyes. It shows us the knowledge of that time architectures and their art. It was an amazing experience for us to see the whole passage and study them at Daulatabad Fort.

On emerging out of dark passage steps, we reach the Ganpati Temple here we Prayed and seeks the blessing of Bappaand eat some delicious Prasad. Temple is in a well-conditioned with a pillared hall and antechamber.

Baradari devgiri fort


BARADARI: it is the palatial Mahal constructed by Shaha Jahan time period it is famous for its architectural structure.

Inside the Baradari Mahel, the room has eight entrances. If you stand in the center of this Mahel you would experience the wind ventilation, it is a specialty of this Mahel in Devgiti fort.

The balcony outside the gallery provides the enchanting view of Daulatabad village.

smadhi temple of devgiri fort

Samadhi Temple

Why it is called Devgiri Fort: because here lived the gods as you see in the picture it is Samadhi Temple of SAINT’S JANARDHAN SWAMI (Guru of SAINT EKNATH SWAMI) and second Paduka is Dattatreya God it is the Guru of Gods.

Inside the cave cell, there are two apartments. On the right side we saw the SAMADHI cell and on left side cell footsteps of both SAINT’S (PADUKA).

A little ahead of this cave there are two cannons on top hill one is SRI DURGE cannon which is exactly on top of the cave. Here we took some breakfast and some amazing pictures of the village and fort. This point provides a panoramic view in 360 angles for whole Devgiri fort.

Must Read Some real story of this fort

A truly inspirational story which related to how to preserve our monuments and Forts. What I saw at Devgiri Fort is that one old aged lady of my grandma age takes care of the Samadhi temple on Devgiri fort every day and in reality, she works excellently.  I saw her dedication to work everywhere. The Samadhi cave is very clean and neat. When I asked her about the salary; she smiled & told that she works by her own will without taking any salary. Her dedication towards work taught me how to take care of our Fort & monument without taking any remuneration. She is living example of how to preserve our forts and monuments of Maharashtra. I think she deserves as Ambassador of tourism & killesamvardhan committee. Because of these people, the Devgiri stand their own charm.

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some pics:

devgiri fort canons

Kala Phar CanonThis is KALA PAHAR cannon little ahead of DURGE cannon we take some photos of cannon and goodbye to this amazing unbeatable fort which is called DEVGIRI KILLA.

This canon cast in amsadram in1638 and1642 its found here in the museum.

The Conical Tower: for entire city view it was built to watch the village and should have been possible to see the enemy’s on it.

Rasai Goddess Temple

This temple situated into the southern side of Devgiri Fort which is exact at Daulatabad fort attaché to downside fort.

As per the Fable story behind this Goddess, the temple is the Rasai Goddess hold whole Daulatabad Fort on their small Pinky finger and built by the king of Yadavas time.

The temple is properly maintained it is a downside of fort carved into a black stone cave with attaché chamber Garbhagriha and the statue of Rasai goddess very different the head of the goddess is too big with enchanting eyes.

During the period of Aurangzeb this temple damage by some troopers and now it is in good conditioned.

I would be recommended when you visit daulatabad fort must visit this place, how to reach their ask to villagers it is only a few minutes from dualtabad village.

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