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We are successfully done plastic clean-up drive on 20/01/2019

Sunday at Aurangabad Caves surrounding places with Lion Fitness Gym and travellttude.

Aurangabad caves it’s most beautiful place near Aurangabad city but despites of efforts now it’s polluted by some party bug and stupid people that don’t respect our historical place.

Refuse single use plastic and recycle your plastic.

We request to Municipal Corporation to put the dustbin near Aurangabad cave surrounding place which is exact Buddha Vihar site.

What we found:

There is lack of dustbins availability for waste management and some party bugs destroy the surrounding place of Aurangabad cave by doing regular parties and they do not care about the biodiversity of that place this will impact on foreigner and domestic tourist its create bad identity on tourist mind.

Who we are?

We are the local travel community helping to tourist; create the awareness about our beautiful monuments and historical places,

Drive the plastic clean up drive nearby historical places and other places.

Create awareness about how to preserve our monuments.

Successfully Done Food Distribution Drive.