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the city of gates aurangabad

The city of Gates Aurangabad.

The Aurangabad popularly known for their city of gates It’s making to unique to Aurangabad for these heritage gates like Bhadkal Gate, Roshan Gate, Delhi Gate, Kala Darwaza, Katkat Gate, Rangeen Darwaza, Navbat Gate, Makkai Gate, Paithan Gate, Zafar Gate, Barapulla Gate, Khaas Gate, Baijipura Darwaza, Begum Darwaza, Mir Adil Darwaza.

Why it is called the city of gates because of the Aurangabad got these treasures of gates during the period of Nizam’s and Mughal it is only found in this city. In this blog, I explore these six gates which are very popular and you must visit and explore it.

Bhadkal Gate (Darwaza)

bhadkal gate of Aurangabad
Bhadkal Gate

It is one of the biggest gates of Aurangabad, this gate is constructed in 1612 by Malik Ambar (prime minister of Murtaza Nizam Sha II) the height of this gate is more than 60 feet it is also called Baharkul Darwaza this gate it is the symbol of the victory of Malik Ambar against Mughal in 1612 A.D.

This gate used the Roman engineering techniques & architects like a ribbed vault, groin vault the whole gate built in basalt stone & limestone.

In the front side of the gate some beautiful inverted lotus design artifact present in the side wall and the ceiling roof the amazing design carved by using the ribbed vault technique divided into webs by framework by diagonal arch ribs it has very unique and amazing architect present in Aurangabad city.

Rib Vault Design.

During the Moharam month time here conduct the ‘Sawari’ it is the traditional Sawari of ‘Bade Chand Sahab’ and it’s popularly known as Bhadkal Sawari.

How to reach there by local transport or private transport it is located in city center area close from the central bus stand.

Nearby places: Naukhanda Darwaza, Sidhart Garden, Chota Bhadka, Panchaki.

Makkai Gate (Darwaza)

makai gate 52 gates of aurangabad

The Mughal Empower Aurangzeb for protective & surveillance from the enemy’s purpose during 1682 Aurangzeb ordered to ‘Sardar Khan Bahadur’ to construct the fortification wall, this wall attached to the Makkai Gate.

The Mughal Empower Aurangzeb for protective & surveillance from the enemy’s purpose during 1682 Aurangzeb ordered to ‘Sardar Khan Bahadur’ to construct the fortification wall, this wall attached to the Makkai Gate.

Why it’s called Makkai gate the story behind of this gate it’s also called ‘Mecca’ Darwaza because of the Darwaza face is the west side location and the same side directions as the Islamic holy city of Mecca so it is the way of Mecca that’s the reason it’s called Makkai Gate.

This gate is situated in lofty elevation height called (Ghati) the gate was covered with city of wall called fortification wall along with two gates east and west entrance and exit gate with arch design with two huge bastions (Burj), the bastions has two domes along with loopholes musketry in top side and six engrailed arches, basement of the whole bastion is deeply embedded into ‘KHAAM’ River. 

the city of gates makai gate

The Makkai gate it has two wooden doors attached in west side covered by horseshoe iron metal with some iron design.

It is situated in JAISINGH PURA on the way of BIBI KA MAQBARA the replica of TAJ.

Delhi Gate (Darwaza)

delhi gate aurangabad city of gates

The Delhi gate this gate was built by an Aurangzeb it is one of the greatest gates of Aurangabad. As per story this gate is based on ‘Lahori’ gate at Delhi Red Fort and also the route of Delhi through this gateway during period of 1666 the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Chatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj (Son of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj) marched to Agra along with one thousand troopers they reach through this gate to Delhi for Aurangzeb meet up Ceremony.

The gate is situated North side of Aurangabad city it is exact on Ajanta Caves, Jalgaon highway SH 184.

The gate has large archway along with two bastions with loophole musketry the front door has beautiful metal spikes design.

Nearby places: Salim Ali Lake during Mughal periods it’s called Khiziri Talab and it has been renamed greatest Ornithology  Salim Ali lake also known as Birdman of India, Himayat Baugh it is a beautiful place nearby Delhi gate it is famous for Char Baugh pattern and green belt zone.

And much more places to explore like Gulshan Mahal (now its Subedari guest house), Damri Mahal and Bara Dari.

Rangeen Darwaza Gate

This gate built during periods of 1653 this gate is attaché with the famous Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb Qil-e-Ark Mahel fortification wall and it is part of that Citadel wall.

The gate is built in black stones the sides of gate two bastions that attaché nine blind arch in three rows the back side of this gate is designed by semi-arched designs.

Above the bastion on both sides, there are two rounded shape platforms for set the canon.

The gate is well maintained and clean with a beautiful garden, fountain and much more.


Why it is called Rngeen Darwaza: as per the story during that period here organized major events celebrated by Mughal like colorful firework along with fountain show and some claim about this gate was made in colored stones it is a mystery (enigma) of Rangeen Darwaza.

Nearby: Chatrapati Shivaji museum, Quil-e-ark. Location is situated in the Collector office road.

Kaala Darwaza Gate

This gate built during a period of 1653 to 1659 it is also attaché or part of the Quil-e-Ark citadel Mahel fortification wall as per the story that time the surrounding place of this gate used for trooper’s camp called Chawni.

Why it’s called Kaala Darwaza the whole gate constructed in dark black stone hence called Kaala Darwaza the gate has two bastions with six blind arches this gate not spacious it is very small gate as compared to other gates.

Naubat Darwaza Gate

This gate is built in between 1659 to 1663 it’s also known as a Quil-e-Ark Darwaza during the period of Aurangzeb give ordered to built this citadel palace along with fortification wall.

The Naubat Darwaza is crowned by four arches in the same sequel inside the gate a large hall can be seen with three doors that time the guards resided in these rooms it is specially developed for troopers but story behind the Naubat Darwaza why it’s called Naubat Darwaza here the daily basis play the ‘Naubat Drums instrument’ so that is called a ‘Naubat Khana’

The small room above the gate there play the Naubat Drums on special guest entry or occasion so that’s the reason to called Naubat Gate.

The site of a gate has also located the tomb of Shah Siraj a famous poet popularly known as a Siraj Aurangabadi , the behind this gate the famous PAACH BAWDI (FIVE WELL).


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