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Hello, friends, this is Adittya Aher co-founder of Punk Digital Marketing Academy, I have done my MBA(marketing) During my MBA periods I did a project on a topic of Aurangabad Tourism, During that time I found too many tourists problems faced by tourist so I decide how to overcome those problems so I decide to start my blog to help the tourists.

why this blog 

 Aurangabad is the tourism capital of Deccan, with 2 UNESCO sites, which makes the place more prominent for the tourists to visit. The descriptive study shows that the importance of the place is known to everybody but there is negligence from various stakeholders including the citizens about taking care of the city and the monuments. Numerous problems prevail from finding the monuments and reaching there to ticketing. Garbage dumping and restaurant facilities are also a few of the major concerns of the tourists.

So here I’m sharing my experience and give suggestions or provide information if you plan to visit Aurangabad. This is the place to get the advice of Aurangabad tourist places.

I also explore the many places so here share my tips and advice to you.