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10 Secrets Foods Dishes During Ramadan at Budhilane Aurangabad That Nobody Will Tell You.

If you are a foodie and if you visit Aurangabad during Ramadan time so it is the best time to experience Ramadan special foods and dishes at some areas like Budhilane and Roshan Gate area it is the most majestic foodie place in Aurangabad it is also called Khauu Galli of Aurangabad.

Ramadan is the holy month of Muslims religion in this month they are celebrating their festival called Eid, during Eid they are eating too many foods and many more dishes and street foods only available on Ramadan month period like:

Faluda, Shirkhurma, kaddu ki kheer, manda Halim and dalim and much more.

In this blog, I explored the Ramadan special foods and wrote about it so if you never know about the Ramadan special food at Aurangabad so you are in the right place to get information about these foods dishes.

  1. Haleem: It is a Ramadan special dish it’s only found during Ramadan periods time. Ingredient of this dish wheat, chana daal, mung daal, masoor daal, urad daal it is served with mutton and beef gravy and it is very healthy food of Ramadan the cooking process of this dish is very time-consuming. So if you want to experience this dish so you want to visit the BUDHILANE during Ramadan time and it is the best time to experience this special dish.

2.Chana boti: chana boti it is famous street food of Budhilane you will get this dish available on streets it is the combination of chana brown chickpeas added some spices with some salad like onions, tomato, coriander serve with lemon but in this street food adding the mutton boti serve with chana fry so it makes special by adding the boti’s, so it’s made special for this street food if you want to experience this street food so head to Budhilane area of Aurangabad.

3.Shawarma: this dish especially from Middle East cuisine this dish made with meat, mutton & roasted slices.

 It is a very popular delicious street food, especially in Egypt. This food serves with wrapped in a pita but here they serve with Roti by topping salads, vegetables, and some spices & sauces.

If you want to taste this street food must visit Budhilane area and this dish available on 365 days.

4.Falooda:  Is the special dessert cold drink and without this drink your food tour is incomplete this drink famous for their different flavors and it is the special drink of Ramadan and it’s one of the major attractions of local because this drink only available during Ramadan month so when you are in Aurangabad so you must try or drink this special mouth-watering falooda drink.

Falooda recipe: This drink made by cornflour sevai noodles, thick milk, basil seeds (sabja been) rabdi, some jelly’s, rose syrup and topped with chilled milk, dry fruits, and ice-cream.

But if you want to taste the different flavors of Falooda so here is the special restaurant for falooda called Bombay Bandra Falooda here they provide a variety of faloodas like Dry fruits falooda, watermelon falooda, butterscotch falooda, rose falooda, mango falooda, mix fruit falooda, strawberry falooda, blackcurrant falooda and specialty of this restaurant is Titanic falooda it is very different kind of falooda you must try whenever you are in Aurangabad.

One basic falooda price starts with 70 R.s up to 350 R.s.

It is 100% vegetarian dessert and good for health.

5.Manda Roti: Manda roti it is the thin roti made with flour maida and wheat flour it’s also called Rumali Roti the story behind this manda Roti: is a traditionally Mughlai cuisine, the Roti baking style is different meanwhile the Roti cooked on the iron crack convex side.

And this Roti taste is too unique rather than our wheat Roti whenever you got the chance to taste this roti must try to eat and see how the chef cooked this Rumali roti it is a kind of art practice to cooked this beautiful Roti.

Naan Qalia (Khaliya)

6. Naan qaliya khaliya : The popular and special signature dish of AURANGABAD it’s Mughlai dish serve with Naan Khaliya means it is kind of Nan Roti to serve with Khaliya is mutton curry without khaliya the Naan is incomplete and this dish famous in Aurangabad.

Naan roti recipe: it is a combination of wheat flour and cornflour, salt, Rava, khameer milk, oil, and turmeric powder Haldi.

By adding a corn flour and wheat ball of dough then garnish with oil and turmeric powder for the yellow color in front side of roti.

After this process, the Nan is going to the cook in tandoor with a rolling pin.

It is 100% Nonvegeterian dish if you are non-vegetarian so you must try this amazing signature dish of Aurangabad but Nan is vegetarian Roti.

Approx cost for per person: 1 Nan charges are 5 R.s to 10 R.s and Khaliya start with 50 R.s

Place: Budhilane Aurangabad.

The History behind the Naan Khaliya Roti

during periods of Mohammad Tughalq he shifted his capital from Delhi to Daulatabad Devgiri and that time a huge army came along with Tughalq and that time it is difficult task to cooked huge food for troopers (army) and that’s the reason they found solution on hunger and invent the Naan khaliya Roti by big tandoor and possible to serve many nans at a time to the troopers and it is the only reason to the Nan Roti is very popular in Aurangabad.

7.Seek Kebabs: It is the popular street foods among the Aurangabad citizens seek kebabs is the tasty, spicy and juicy street food. Seek kebabs made with mutton and chicken by adding some spices and some flavors, serve with spicy and tangy chutneys it is best starter mouth-watering dish. The kebabs Skewer or grilled on hot coal with seek that’s the reason it’s called the seek kebabs this food available on 365 days on Aurangabad streets and you must try this spicy, juicy and toasty rusty kebabs when you are in Aurangabad.

8.Chicken rolls:  the full of juicy and creamy stuffing wrap rolls serve with a chicken the specialty of the dish it is full of chicken stuff serve with wheat Roti and it is available on 365 days on street.

9. Chicken lollypop:  This is also chicken dish represent to the lollypop did you know our candy lollypop the candy lollypop is sweet but this chicken lollypop is full of hot and spicy street foodstuff.

The chicken fried in the hot oil with adding some spices serves with chutneys.

Sheer khurma

10.Sheer khurma: without this dessert, the Ramadan is uncompleted because it is Eid special drink and it is made on only Eid day. During Eid time Aurangabad people celebrate this festival with citizens EID is one of the biggest festivals of India celebrated by Muslims religion and sheer khurma is the one of the special signature drink of Eid made by the Muslims on their home.

Sheer khurma it is 100% vegetarian drink and it is one of my favorite drink and if you want to try this amazing dessert so you want to visit the someone home who is making this drink but I think so every Muslim make this dessert on the occasion of Eid.

Sheer means is Milk and meaning of Khurma is stands for dates & dry fruits stuff.

It is a full of Dry fruits stuff like Almond, Pista, Dates, Kaju, manuka, and sevai etc.

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