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It is the city of 52 gates it is the Historical capital of Maharashtra, here many tourist attractions like Maqbara, Ajanta, Ellora Caves & Devgiri Fort and much more which include two (UNESCO) site Ajanta & Ellora caves nearby Aurangabad.

Aurangabad founded in 1610 on the site of a village called khirki by Malik Amber, this city was renamed Fatephur after the Nizams son Fathe Khan succeeded the throne in 1626.

when Aurangzeb became victory of the Deccan in 1953 he made the city his capital and renamed Aurangabad.

The traces of the long artistic and cultural influence a number of dynasties have cast upon it are present everywhere in Aurangabad.

The city continue to attract tourists from all over the world because of the most amazing old historical places.

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